Maldives, The Khadaffi Airline

Atoll Air, which, with the connivance of the Minister of State of the Republic of the Maldives, was designed to be the first useful airline in the archipelago. The Maldives are a thousand islands some no bigger than your dining room. The problem is that they are scattered over 500 miles and needed some way to link them together. Atoll Air was designed to expand the tourist trade and give the Maldives the first ever postal service by air. We found a guy in Florida who was rebuilding the 50 year old Goose. We bought them for $100,000 each for an eight passenger plane that used auto gasoline. We would have made it back in a week. I bowed out hurriedly, overnight, when I discovered that, unbeknownst to me, my partner was not the Minister but the Ambassador to the Maldives from Omar Khaddaffi.