Palley Index Of Danish Furniture: 1900-2000

The Registry is a compilation of the work of all Danish architect and/or cabinetmaker designed furniture of the 20th Century. It is dedicated to preserving the contributions of the 20th Century Danish designers whose work is offtimes misrepresented and misattributed.

Over a four year period, Marilyn and I scanned and recorded over 45,000 images from architect's records, library archives, trade journals Mobilia and Dansk Kunst Haandverk, photographs, and auction catalogues. We also interviewed architects, designers, cabinet makers, historians, anyone with a link to Danish design. At times it was an archeolgical dig with many surprises to all involved.

The Registry is housed at the Danish Royal Museum of Arts and Crafts in Copenhagen. The Registry is composed of over 10,000 listings (and growing) which include text and photos all supported by contemporary references. Each entry has been authenticated by at least two historical sources and, in some cases as well, by the architects or their descendants.

The Registry is on the Web, free to all.