Concrete: A Seven-Thousand-Year History

There has never been a history of the cultural impact of concrete

In fact there has never been any history of the most ubiquitous

of all of Man's inventions until now!


Reese Palley has written a book,


that will inform, entertain and amuse you.


Architects Denise Scott Brown and Robert Venturi say:

Palley writes about technology, not as an engineer but as an erudite and eloquent amateur and humanist.


US Senator Robert Kerry says:

Reese Palley shares his interesting perspective on the historical,
cultural, and environmental influences of Concrete.


Bernard Kalb, NYT, CBS (Ret) says:

Imagine! a biography of concrete! the surprising life story of all that gooey goo poured over the centuries and how it's kept us together; indeed, concrete is the reason why so many of the architectural wonders of ancient, disintegrated civilizations are still around. poor Ozymandias! if only the 'king of kings' had been created out of this stuff instead of mere stone, he too would have made it. Reese Palley's book is--hard to resist this--a concrete achievement.


Dave Hickey, Art Critic says:

I am a PYRAMIDIOT after reading the first sections of Reese Palley's history of concrete


New Scientist Magazine says:

Reese Palley delightfully traces the mix of innovation and
impudence that make up the 7000-year history of artificial stone.


Book Ideas says:

A journey through history from the Egyptian pyramids to Frank Lloyd Wright.


Reese says:

Amazon or any bookstore will be delighted to take your money and I will share their delight


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The Great Agglomeration

Chapter 1


The Pyramid Wars * Decline and Fall

Chapter 2

Between Egypt and Rome

The Nabateans

Chapter 3

Roman Concrete and Its Impact on World History

Pouring the Coffers * Herod's Dream

Chapter 4

Vitruvius and Giocondo, 1445-1525

Chapter 5

Joseph Moxon, 1627-1691

Chapter 6

Concrete in the Eighteenth Century

The New Stone Age * The Eddystone Lights * The Nineteenth Century

Chapter 7

The Twentieth Century

Control and Communications Bunkers * The Maginot Line * The Sigfried Line, and the Mannheim Line *
An Exercise in Futility * An Exercise in Deceit * Subterranean England *
Kelvedon Hatch * The Greenbrier Spa * A Hard Lesson to Learn (A Short Story by Betty Overocker) * The Sicilian Vespers

Chapter 8

The Wizard Of Menlo Park

Edison's Concrete Modular Houses

Chapter 9

What Is Art?

Flights of Concrete Fancy * Roots of Grass * Rachel Whiteread *
Picasso * Architecture * San Simeon *
Shelters * Idiosynchronicity * Liturgy in Stone *
Le Corbusier * The Church of the Poet

Chapter 10

Flagler's Folly

Ships * Method of Construction * Powell River Breakwater

Chapter 11

A Woeful Century

The End of the Era of Profligacy * All About Sustainability *
Crc and Other New Concretes * Our Senile Infrastructure * Cost of Profligacy

Chapter 12

The Industry

Hopeful Developments

Chapter 13

Lunar Transit

Engineers, the Invisible Men


Appendix I


Appendix II

Roman Underwater

Appendix III

David Moore

Appendix IV

The Builders of Eddystone

Appendix V


A Cheonological Sequence of the History of Cament and Concrete

Chapter Notes